Advanced topics

Managing views

It is possible to manage multiple views in a webmacs window:

  • C-x 2 split the current view in two horizontally.
  • C-x 3 split the current view in two vertically.
  • C-x o navigate in current window views.
  • C-x 0 close the current view.
  • C-x 1 maximize the current view, closing every other view.

Managing windows

You can also manage multiple windows:

  • make-window to create a new window.
  • other-window to navigate through windows.
  • close-window to close the current window.
  • close-other-windows to close all but the current window.

Caret browsing

Caret browsing allows to navigate in a web page using a caret. It is mainly useful for copying text inside a web page without using the mouse.

It is enabled by pressing C.

Then you can navigate using arrow keys or standard Emacs bindings:

  • C-n to go to the next line.
  • C-p to go to the previous line.
  • C-f to go to the next character.
  • C-b to go to the previous character.
  • M-f to go to the next word.
  • M-b to go to the previous word.
  • C-e to go to the end of the line.
  • C-a to go to the beginning of the line.

You can select some text and copy it using:

  • C-Space to toggle the mark
  • M-w to copy the current selection to the clipboard.


Incremental search can be used when in caret browsing, to allow easier navigation.

It is also great to start caret browsing after an incremental search, as the caret will be at the beginning of the current web selection.


Bookmarks are like a dictionary of URLs. Each bookmark must have a unique name. Bookmarks are stored in the profile, and hence are persistent across sessions.

It is possible to manage bookmarks using:

  • M to create a bookmark.
  • m to open the bookmark list.

When in the bookmark list, you can:

  • Return to open the bookmark URL in the current buffer
  • C-k to remove the highlighted bookmark.